Ezzit Whurr sells out his first solo show

The Louisville artist showcased many hand-painted signs featuring his original art style in his first gallery show.

Ezzit Whurr sells out his first solo show
Ezzitwhurr showcases his sign art at Aurora Gallery & Boutique on November 12th, 2022.

It took one hour and thirteen minutes for Ezzit Whurr to sell all of the quirky and unique paintings for his solo show at the new Aurora Gallery & Boutique in Shelby Park. The Louisville artist showcased many hand-painted signs featuring his far-famed street art that gallery-goers could take home for themselves.

His signs featured expressions like, "Learn ballet while driving. Press brake for downloadable instructions.", "We pay cash for your money. Phone us now." and "Name three things".

"I wasn't expecting anything close to a sell-out.", Ezzit Whurr said.

Whurr's show was the latest series of art shows hosted by Aurora Gallery & Boutique since their grand opening late this year.

"We were honored to host Ezzit's first art show, and we are in talks with him for future collaborations. Also, we are very grateful to the Louisville arts community and our supporters for making the show a success. We're excited for what the future brings.", Alex Rumsey, one of the three owners of the woman-owned gallery and boutique, said in a statement.

You might recognize Whurr's numerous works across the city by his characteristic phrasing and simple but impactful lettering.

One of the first pieces I saw in the wild was on boarded-up windows facing Bardstown road. The red background caught my eye at night on a trek back to my car. "IT'S NO TROUBLE. NO TROUBLE AT ALL...".

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I stood there in the dark, bewildered by the sign, the glow of the building lamps illuminating the uniform white-colored letters. It didn't seem out of place, but the content would suggest otherwise. Like reading a poem camouflaged as a construction notice. One might walk past without glancing at it, but those who linger for a moment receive a memorable treat.

I loved how it made me feel. Like I connected with the perpetrator as a willing participant: an audience for their cheeky vandalism. With a chuckle and a quick pic, I was on my way.

Watching the diverse crowd enjoy this unique and clandestine Louisville artist, the same artist who once gave me pause on the side of the street, was thrilling.

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