Aurora Gallery & Boutique - The Wild Hunt Group Art Show

Aurora Gallery & Boutique is kicking off The Wild Hunt Group Art Show on Dec 10th, 2022 from 6-11 pm!

With black framed windows, we peer into the store as we see various pieces of art and crafts from local artists.
Aurora Gallery & Boutique - 1264 S Shelby St, Louisville, KY 40203 
December 10th, 2022 6-11pm.

Event Host: Aurora Gallery & Boutique
When: December 10th, 2022 6-11pm.
Where: 1264 S Shelby St, Louisville, KY 40203

Aurora Gallery & Boutique is having a group art show entitled "The Wild Hunt" on December 10th, 6-11pm. This show is featuring artists Alexandra Rumsey, Chloe Lee, Erich Neitzke, Gabrielle Kays, Kayla Lewis, Mia Farrugia, Ryan Rumsey, S. Fisher Williams, and Tanya Gadbaw-Neitzke.

Tabby and I went to Aurora at Ezzit Whurr's solo show and had a blast. It was a cool, weird, and fun place and we loved it.

Aurora Gallery & Boutique
Artist and woman owned gallery and boutique in the Shelby neighborhood of Louisville, KY.